Evaluating ACT! Toolbox and discussing how we can use it

Our task was make presentation about citizenship activities in group. After presentations our projects we made group discussion in the group.  First, we asked the authors of the presentation to deepen the topic and solve all the doubts associated with the project of the group. Secondly, we gave feedback to a group of projects that... Continue Reading →


ACT! Toolbox in practice – Afternoon participants’ led workshops

After lunch break it was time for group number 4 (Tauvydas, Rosanna and Ante) to present the effects of their hard work.  Their workshop titled “Competition of experience˝ focused on the topic of youth exchanges and the importance of volunteering. They went off the deep end and started their presentation with their main task. They... Continue Reading →

Running the first ACT! non-formal learning activities

We began our Thursday morning with the presentation of the first ACT! Toolbox in practice: Participant’s led workshops. The first workshop was lead by Michal, Giulio and Batuhan and it was named: “Holding Hands in the World: Cooperation Workshop”. During it the participants played a game called “The River Game” during which everyone was divided... Continue Reading →

Euro village at its best!

The evening where people get together to show off which of the countries have best traditional dishes (or strongest drink) began as usual. Everyone rushed to the kitchen to make some snacks and even soups. After an hour, everything was set and ready to be eaten (drunk). Croatia and Bulgaria had full tables of goods... Continue Reading →

Participants first words when asked about what does active citizenship means to them.          - Max, Croatia

First intercultural evening

After the dinner, we started the preparations for the first intercultural evening. In this evening five countries took part - Italy, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia and Slovenia. In the beginning we were a bit late because Italian were cooking pasta for us. Every culture showed us some of their traditional dances. We had a lot of fun during... Continue Reading →

Presenting our organisations

At the start of the session we were divided into national teams. Our task was to make a flip chart with information about the sending organizations. We have been provided with 15 minutes to write down the main information about the organizations and after the time for preparing the posters we needed to present them... Continue Reading →

Picasso’s Self Portraits

By getting to know each other better we used a method of drawing selfies on a big envelope. Basically what we did is we all sat in a circle and put the envelope on our faces and try to draw ourselves without looking and put our names on the envelope. And as we sat in... Continue Reading →

First introductions and breaking the ice

We dived into the project with the introductions of our trainers Bojan and Adina. They explained their background in youth work and told us something about their projects in the past. The agenda of the training program got us interested, as we went through it in detail. Then the fun and games began. The first... Continue Reading →

Aims and Objectives

ACT aims to strengthen the capacities of the 10 organisations to work in this field as well as the need of our youth workers to be trained and acquire competences and tools on how to develop and run activities that aim to motivate and educate youth about (active) citizenship and participation in democratic and community... Continue Reading →

Summary of the project

“ACT! - Active Citizenship Training” is a project consisting of only one activity – a Mobility of youth workers: Training Course that is implemented by Asociatia Comunitara a Animatorilor Sociali from 14th to 22nd of May 2017 in Craiova, Romania. The project brings 34 youth workers, leaders, trainers and staff from youth organisations from Romania,... Continue Reading →

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