Aims and Objectives

ACT aims to strengthen the capacities of the 10 organisations to work in this field as well as the need of our youth workers to be trained and acquire competences and tools on how to develop and run activities that aim to motivate and educate youth about (active) citizenship and participation in democratic and community life by in the same time promoting European citizenship and awareness of common European identity and values.

In order to achieve this, the project has the following objectives:

O1: To provide knowledge about citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular by exploring the concepts, their dimensions and contemporary understandings which later on they can multiply it to their target groups through their youth work

O2: To explore and analyse current situations and different models in 10 European countries regarding youth participation in democratic life and share experiences and good practices of supporting it in order to encourage active youth participation on local, national and European level

O3: To develop, practice and evaluate non-formal learning tools (methods, approaches and activities) that youth workers can use to foster youth participation on all levels and which are enhancing young people’ awareness to common European issues as well as the feeling of belonging to common European identity and values

O4: To provide opportunity for strong intercultural learning, improvement of competences and development of multiplying initiatives to be implemented in their respective countries

O5: To foster sustainable international cooperation, capacity and partnership building between 10 European organisations working in youth field with citizenship education, European citizenship and youth participation

O6: To promote Erasmus+ Programme and Youthpass as recognition tool for non-formal and informal learning in youth work

In short , we’ll prepare a group of trainers in European Citizenship topics (including human rights, intercultural learning, democratic values) at such a level of being able to multiply it.


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