Running the first ACT! non-formal learning activities

We began our Thursday morning with the presentation of the first ACT! Toolbox in practice: Participant’s led workshops. The first workshop was lead by Michal, Giulio and Batuhan and it was named: “Holding Hands in the World: Cooperation Workshop”. During it the participants played a game called “The River Game” during which everyone was divided in two equal groups and had to arrange ourselves depending on our similarities and differences in a very small space. We had to avoid stepping out of the small space. By the end of the first workshop all of us had a better understanding of cooperation.

The second workshop was lead by Marko, Brigita and Stefan. They workshop was titled as: “Make Equality a Reality”. The workshop’s main goal was to help the participants understand the importance of equality, discrimination, self-expression and how all of this is tied together in our daily lives. Everyone was given a label and asked to walk around in the room, find partner and depending on what their label is – took to them based on the stereotypes in the world. Everyone was also asked to try and guess their label.

The third workshop was lead by Karolina, Tugce, Tina and Nastja and the girls gave it a name of: “Fun With Facts”. During the workshop the participants had an amazing opportunity of getting to know each other’s’ countries. Everyone was divided into groups according to their national teams and were given a paper with multiple questions regarding their country. After several minutes of searching for information every team was given a chance to present their country. This activity successfully helped everyone to learn more about the different countries around the world.

All of the activities mentioned about were a great success and left everyone feeling happy and educated!

     – Brigita, Lithuania


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