ACT! Toolbox in action! Continuation of participants’ led workshops

So here we are! The long-awaited day has come. It was finally the time when us, the participants, took over the facilitators’ role.

After the first session (you can read about it in the previous post), the group nr 3 has introduced us to their “Fun with Facts” workshop focusing on intercultural learning. Having been properly energized by an activity called “Fruit salad”, we were ready to start working on the tasks planned by Karolina, Tugce, Tina and Nastia. Participants were quickly divided into their national teams. The task was to search for basic information about our countries’ culture, geography, economical situation etc. It was not only a great opportunity for getting to know more about other countries, but also (if not mainly) to research and meditate our homelands’ situation. Evaluation of the workshop proved that all the participants found the tasks not only useful, but also very enjoyable.

The following workshop, prepared by Onur, Hrystian and Petros, showed an innovative approach to active citizenship and promoting its values. Participants were divided into groups and given different tasks. The goal of the session was to present active citizenship using the assigned form of art (poetry, theatre, music etc.). An additional part of the workshop was that the whole process was supposed to be recorded and live streamed via social media. It created an opportunity to mainstream our work, using new media, a communication channel particularly popular with young people (the main target of our activities).

Although the sessions was fully devoted to the participants led workshops, unfortunately, it was not a (well-deserved!) time-off for our lovely trainers Adina and Bojan. It was only for their great organisational skills that we finished before the dinner time! 🙂

         – Agata, Poland


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