What can we do to promote citizenship education and active participation?

We started on Wednesday 17th of may with a energizer game like ‘’The train of Love’’. So, after this game, we made four groups of six people from different country. Each groups has presented what we can do to promote the citizenship education and active participation.

We have presented four poster with different ideas. For example one of this, ‘’Don´t cry craft’’ made from Giulio, me, Karolina, Matea and Bri that showed ideas like theatre, live music, games, picnic, crafting, sports.

This workshop was really interesting and everyone enjoyed and liked it.

For example Karolina said

I liked this workshop very much because it was very creative. I hope that we will use some of ideas in the future.

Hristijan added:

I like working in a group because every time I get the surprise with amazing ideas from other people.

          – Leonardo, Italy


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