Exploring countries realities on citizenship education and practicing active citizenship

The presentation of countries realities on citizenship education and practicing active citizenship started on Wednesday, 17th may, in the morning. We were split into national groups in order to research and find information about the situation in our countries by answering to the questions of our trainer Bojan and creating a short presentation.

Before the presentation we needed to explore and look for some information regarding citizenship education and youth situation in each country. The day before the presentation me and the other participants of my country met together to discuss about our country realty .

On Wednesday morning we showed our presentation that was composed by a discussion written on paper and and a funny video about the difference between Italy and the rest of countries in Europe.

All the national groups presented what they made in powerpoint, flip-charts and videos regarding: the general and youth population in our country; the legal definition of “youth” or “young people” in each country; if the citizenship education is promoted in every country; if it is school subject of the educational curricula and if there is any out-of-school activities.

Some other themes of the presentation regarded the cooperation between government or public institutions and NGO’s (youth sector); what are the issues of young people in our local communities and countries in context of practing active citizenship; if there are what are the roots of those issues. The final question and maybe the most interesting was about what we would propose as solutions to overcome as youth workers and NGO’s.

At the end of all the presentation we discussed about the huge (but sometimes very thin) difference between the situation in our countries and we evaluated our presentations.

        – Rossana, Italy


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