Euro village at its best!

The evening where people get together to show off which of the countries have best traditional dishes (or strongest drink) began as usual. Everyone rushed to the kitchen to make some snacks and even soups.

After an hour, everything was set and ready to be eaten (drunk). Croatia and Bulgaria had full tables of goods while Poland invited people to try their traditional soup! Lithuanians decided to join the Croatian table and support them by chanting “Croatia” and encouraging everyone to take a bite or a drink from their friends’ table.

As during the first day of intercultural evening, this night was all about the traditional dances. More and more people joined the circle to try Greek dances, listened Polish, Lithuanian songs and enjoyed evening.

After some time, new little group took over the whole attention of the event – singers! Guitar sound and beautiful voices filled the hostel with a big variety of emotions and it lasted until the sunlight.

To sum it up, the evening was a success and everyone enjoyed food, drinks and music.

      – Tautvydas, Lithuania



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