Designing ACT! Toolbox of NFL activities for citizenship education

Our trainer Bojan introduced the meaning of toolbox: a container where we can put our skills, knowledge and especially ideas. We were divided in casual groups of 3 and we had to design a workshop/training session (non-formal learning activities) about the themes most close to our project: youth work, volunteering, active citizenship, European values, organizing them by including different kinds of activities like energizers, explanation, games and evaluation. We had all the afternoon to create, write the details of our toolbox and trying the explanation that was fixed for Thursday all day long. We worked all the afternoon, all the groups in different places of the building and someone took also the night to make a better project.

At 10 o’clock we started. Ok, maybe ten minutes later. All the groups were so excited because the toolboxes were so creative and well thought. There was a little bit of confusion with the first group because the members were not so organized with the timing, but their work was interesting as well as the others. We spent the day between games, energizers, enigmas and strategy application with discussion and feedbacks by our trainer Bojan.

At the end we were so happy of what we have done and we congratulate each other for the ideas and the implementation.

         – Giulio, Italy


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