Defining key terms and understanding of citizenship

First of all we were split into 4 international teams. We had tasks, all related to citizenship and understanding of it. Every team had to do brainstorming and write down keywords related to the topic. We have been provided with 10 minutes to write down the keywords and form a good explanation about citizenship and how to be active citizen.

Everyone was creative, full of ideas and everyone took a part of building these ideas into something bigger. There was slightly difference between methods of all four teams, but eventually there was no wrong understanding.

After these 10 minutes of building the key terms and explanations, we had to present them to the rest of the group. We witnessed huge creativity from all teams in explaining, understanding and presenting different aspects of citizenship.

During the whole session we had a lot of fun, while learning useful things! We managed to engage everyone to take part in the session. In the end we closed the session with combining the 4 teams understandings into one big which included our understanding about citizenship.

        – Stefan, Bulgaria


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