Mission impossible proved to be very possible

The team building session started in a way that the trainer gave us the team building activities with nothing to specify, so that way we had to manage ourselves who will doing which task and in which way. I find that very interesting, because we were in a situation where we needed to organize ourselves in a way that everyone will have to pick up an activity.

We started choosing the activities in a way that everyone will do an activity which they are good at it or find it interesting. For example, Onur (Robin) and Katerina started to do the logo for the project. More people were taking photos from time to time and also we had to make a group photo with all of the participants. Marian and Stefan were collecting 20 different pairs of socks with different color. Marko and Ante were collecting objects that represents each country. Me and Mikhail had to find the tallest object in the room. Karolina and Eva were learning Romanian basic words and later they presented it to the whole group.

Karolina said: ‘’Eva and I had lots of fun learning Romanian and I think everyone should learn the basics, for example phrases like: Buna, which means hello, pa which means bye, cue faci which means how are you and also other basic words’’.

Overall the team building activities were very interesting and they made a better bond between us. The learning outcome was that the cultural differences between us weren’t an obstacle for completing the tasks. We also learned more of our cultures and started working in a intercultural team in a very interesting and creative way.

        – Hristijan, Macedonia


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