First introductions and breaking the ice

We dived into the project with the introductions of our trainers Bojan and Adina. They explained their background in youth work and told us something about their projects in the past. The agenda of the training program got us interested, as we went through it in detail.

Then the fun and games began. The first activity we did was the “name and gestures circle”. Each of the participants had to say their name and come up with a gesture. The difficult part was that the person after you had to repeat your name and gesture and add their own. It got more complicated as the game went on.

Then we started the second activity called “human bingo”. The main goal was to answer your tasks of questions with someone’s name. Eva from Greece was the first one and shouted BINGO! Her price would be a typical Romanian drink. She said “They didn’t stand a chance and I definitely didn’t cheat.”.

The last activity was a visual representation of our countries. We made a map and explained our origin and talked about our cities. Then all of us were asked to choose a European country that we would like to live in. All in all we had a blast!

        – Katerina, Macedonia


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